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i'm just a girl in the world.

an ice devouring sex tornado.

15 June 1983
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my proper name is amber. i live in south jersey, and i teach high school in kind of a crummy district. my job and i have a love-hate relationship. i try to love it, but usually it hates me.

i've been an atheist for most of my life. i'm okay with that. i do believe that "what goes around, comes around." as my life has moved along i've realized that my actions are directly related to the positivity or negativity of subsequent events. i always try to be as "good" as i can because i know many people who are "bad" and it comes back to bite you. really. i don't lie, i don't cheat, i don't steal, and i try to avoid those who do. life is too short to be a shitty person who has shitty friends.

really, i'm just a boring brown girl who loves to make things. i'm bookish, quiet, blatantly honest, tough yet cute, and very generous. i have a very dry sense of humor, and often i come across as mean, but i'm really one of the nicest people ever once you get to know me. i am the opposite of those pretentious people whose movie and musical tastes are always cooler than yours. i am 100% genuine. what you see is what you get.

i love to cook, sew, draw, paint, make lino prints, write, code, design, and play videogames. i curse like a fucking sailor. i love my cats and the people close to me. i am forgiving, but can hold a grudge forever if you hurt me badly enough. i like my coffee stiff and my meat cut thick.

if you want to add me as a friend, please let me know! just drop me a note or a comment letting me know how you found me, or why you added me, because if you're not a friend of a friend, i'm curious! i generally add everyone back unless there's nothing in your journal, you're creepy/weird/questionable, or if you're a crafter/seller whose journal is nothing but BUY MY SHIT HERE'S 85 PICTURES spam. if you just want to read me, most of my journal is public anyway, but why not make new friends? ♥

what i do;

i play maple story like it's going out of style. if you're a mapler,
especially a windian, add me on LJ and/or in game.

currently playing
kittenlogic - 15x bishop
kittenpride - 7x ranger
kittenbrawl - 1x (to-be) brawler
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i'm ADDICTED to maple story. you should be too. ♥