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30 November 2010 @ 06:30 pm

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it might take me a little while to get it done, but i will do it! if i don't respond to your email when you send it, comment here or email me again because sometimes gmail's spam catcher can be really randomly sensitive. ♥

eta: wtf, semagic? i think the errors are gone now.
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23 October 2010 @ 02:23 pm

DSC_0090 i really don’t care for the look of 3-ply yarns, but i understand the need for them, and the fact that some fibers and some colorways just need to be 3-ply. splitting up my fibers across 3 bobbins, then trying to spin them perfectly and ply that way seems kind of silly, so instead of using my (new, awesome) tensioned lazy kate for that, i decided to use it to navajo ply my first full yarn.

i’ve only ever tried to do it twice before, with the extra singles from a couple bobbins, and they came out terribly because i really needed tension. now that i have it, i just went for it last night, and although there are some weird little coils and beehives throughout, i think the final yarn came out really nice. right? for a first try!

so like, i don’t plan on doing it very often, but i just think it’s responsible of me, as a spinner, to at least know how to be able to do it. there are two other bobbins i started long long ago that i will navajo ply, and after those, i don’t see much of it in my future.

in other news, the cats are getting along well. snooki still growls sometimes, but it’s brief and there’s not much passion in it. i think nick is trying to get her to play, because i had this little catnip chicken toy in a box in the basement (he was afraid of it for ages), but the other night i went downstairs and it was on the complete opposite side of the room. today, i went down there and he was loafy, with the toy right in front of him, and she was loafing a few feet away from him. i don’t know if that’s progress or just a coincidence, but i like to be optimistic.

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19 October 2010 @ 06:51 pm

Interesting., originally uploaded by kittenlogic.

d’s mom fled the state a couple months ago, and is an asshole so she left her elderly cat. you know my family is all crazy cat people, so since my mom already has two, i knew i had to take her.

my sweet old girl is 14, and her name is schnookums, and i have affectionately nicknamed her “snooki” in honor of jersey shore. she’s always been pretty scared of everything, so i have her spend a lot of time in her safe room when i can’t be right near her. when i can be right near her, i make sure she and nick don’t fight (because she’s a big hisser!), and let her explore.

last night, there was a sleepy standoff on my stairs, but they both tolerated each other from about 4 feet away. today, little girl was in my office looking out the window, and boy wanted to come in to sleep in his favorite sunny spot. she hissed at him when he came in, but he did a creepy walk and laid down and started falling asleep anyway, so she was like “alright, whatever then,” and started dozing off herself. i ruined the moment when i tried to go clean her litterbox, because apparently no cat can resist shitting in a freshly cleaned box. sigh.

so i’ll be a lot more excited about this once i can leave the two of them together alone, but for now i’m happy that i’m able to give her a home so she doesn’t have to live the rest of her life in a shelter. she’s a good girl and deserves a good life.

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05 October 2010 @ 10:56 pm

CSC_0036 hola, friends. i’ve spent this week and most of last week spinning my face off. rhinebeck is approaching, i’m still unemployed, and i want to buy stuff. you see my predicament. the only solution was to spin more yarn. honestly, though? when i was looking around in my bins in the basement, i did see that i have like, a little bit too much fiber. and by “a little bit too much” i mean “way too much.” everytime i go to a festival that creativelydyed is vending, which is pretty much every major one, i buy so much of her fiber, then refuse to spin it because it’s so pretty. this must stop.

the yarn in this post isn’t by her, though, i just started rambling as i often do. the fiber i spun that from is by girls like boys like fiber, who is quickly becoming one of my new favorite fiber artists. i love this yarn, named “man in the moon,” because it’s so different from what i usually do. variety is nice sometimes.

it’s been the best spinning weather lately though. i’ve just been all cuddled up in my sweatshirt and have been going for it. btw, why the hell was it like 90 degrees early last week, and now it’s so cool out i have to turn the heat on? is this really the fall or is october just faking me out?

anyway, i’m going to bed early because this freaky ass weather has been ruining my life as far as allergies go. i can’t even breathe anymore. but before i go, i have to leave you with the new funniest commercial ever. little kid commercials usually annoy the shit out of me, but this one is totally worth the watch.

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29 September 2010 @ 01:09 am
tlc's "sister wives" under investigation

img stolen from salon.com

In the wake of the Sunday premiere of TLC's "Sister Wives," a reality TV show about a fundamentalist Mormon man with four wives and 13 children, officials have announced that the family is under investigation. Police Lt. Darren Paul told the Salt Lake Tribune that the inquiry "was brought on by the publicity surrounding the show." - salon.com, link to full article

i was watching this show the other night, and the whole time i was thinking, is this taking place in the united states? then i continued watching the show and someone said they're from utah, and i'm like okay. so i then googled "where is polygamy legal?" to see if maybe i missed the memo and utah was like "naw brah, it's cool now!" but nope, according to everywhere, that memo never happened. so at that point, i was only about 20 minutes into the show and found myself wondering for the entire remaining 40 minutes, "so these jackasses are seriously putting their faces and very illegal lifestyle on tv for everyone to see? am i the only one who thinks this is extremely ill-advised?"

apparently i wasn't, because even the police lt. involved in this was like, (paraphrased) "we know this shit happens, but usually people aren't so fucking stupid that they parade it on national television."
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21 September 2010 @ 01:58 am

DSC_0239 i hadn’t been spinning much because the boy moved in, then i realized that i needed to get going with selling stuff because i’m broke, so in early july i picked up this fiber i’d had sitting around forever and got to work on it. from the get-go, my wheel was fighting me. it was super stiff (the wheel itself), and the flyer was hardly making a whole revolution before it would come to a really tight stop. the treadles were grinding and would shift positions without even turning the wheel. i tried everything. i adjusted the drive band, the tension band, the position of the flyer. we removed the wheel and the treadles and greased them up and put it all back together. still could barely get the thing to go. it was a workout just to get the treadles to move! so frustrating. i just gave up.

so i thought perhaps it was an issue of how thin i was spinning with the regular bobbin and flyer, and that maybe i should switch to the lace flyer. i had that thought like a month ago and just today decided to check it out. still no improvement. just as i was getting ready to stand up to go to my computer to email majacraft, the wheel loosened up, the treadling became effortless again, and the flyer started turning with no problems. how weird is that?? i finished the bobbin i had started so long ago and churned out the second one this evening, and have already moved on to plying. i don’t know what it was, but i’m so glad it’s over.

if you were wondering why i stopped spinning for so long, that was it. i’m excited to get back into it. my whole office is (still) carpeted with unspun fiber, so i’ll have plenty to keep me busy. today when i was sitting around feeling lonely and miserable, i remembered why i started spinning in the first place: to keep from feeling lonely and miserable. so i’m going to embrace it again and be productive and hope everything else falls into place, as it always does.

i wish things were like they used to be, a few years ago, when we all seemed to have so much less to worry about, we were crafting and posting about stupid, silly things, and (seemed to me, anyway) were so much less stressed. it’s so weird where you end up without even realizing it.

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20 September 2010 @ 01:10 am

ETA: sorry, i just changed it so it didn't autoplay. i hate that too.

just testing to see if it worked. i haven't been up to anything interesting. i've just been sitting around doing random web design for my really old design site and for the (never used, but trying to bring back to life) domain.

i'm a little bit depressed since D moved back out last week. it (him moving in here, i mean) was one of those things we knew would be temporary but didn't last nearly long enough. i almost wish he had never moved in in the first place because now we can't stand to be away from each other. so i'm just wondering where life is going to take me since i need another job and it needs to be up north, since he's never going to find work down here.

in about a month, rhinebeck sheep and wool. pretty excited about that. otherwise, pretty meh. the end.
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23 July 2010 @ 01:14 pm

Originally uploaded by kittenlogic
just chillin out, enjoying day after day of doing nothing. actually, i am doing some stuff: mapling, reading a lot, and enjoying boytime in the evenings. and of course cooking a LOT, which is the main topic of this post.

i was trying to avoid absolutely destroying your FLs with daily food posts, so i've been posting them on my separate food blog. the objective of the food blog is to provide myself with organization, awesome pictures that i took of stuff that i made, and my own notes, so later on if i haven't made something in a while i can go back and look at it and remember if it was delicious and/or annoying to make. eventually, when i have assembled enough recipes and pictures, i will assemble them into a blurb book and print it for myself and voila! cookbook.

if you're into that sort of thing, i figured a good compromise was to make an LJ feed of my recipe blog (a_kitten_eats), so if you're interested you can subscribe and see pictures and recipes from yum-city, and if you're not, you'll only see one or two every now and then that blew my socks off. sound good?

in other news, if you're in the nj/phila area, there's a bbq fest in mt. holly saturday 11-7. a little better of a hike than the lackluster wildwood fest, i guess?

ps. i'm a shameless consumer sometimes and i ordered the iphone 4. i know it's having problems but i WANTED it. cannot wait for it to get here, for serious. the guy said it would take 7-10 business days, "but they've been shipping a LOT faster than that." so of course mine is probably going to take the full 10 days. ADLJS:JF#POI$%!!!
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DSC_0148, originally uploaded by kittenlogic.

what we’re focusing on here is the potato salad. let me make it clear: i hate potato salad as most people know it. boiled white potatoes, eggs, onions, and mayo. i can’t even think of a combo more repulsive than that, really. so when D suggested i make this new roasted potato salad from our fine cooking magazine, i was somewhat reluctant, but figured why the hell not since the ingredients included orange juice and mascarpone? huh? how weird.

let me tell you: i have made this twice now, and the second time it was even more delicious than the first. the different flavors, the creamy yet light sauce, the saltiness, the sweetness, it’s everything. if you make anything that i post in this blog, make this. it will change your perspective on potato salad forever.

warm roasted potato and mushroom salad
6 medium yukon golds, cut into pieces no larger than 3/4″ and no smaller than 1/2″
8 oz of cremini mushrooms, or white buttons, quartered (we haven’t been able to find cremini mushrooms yet)
kosher salt
freshly cracked black pepper
1/4-1/3 c. very thinly sliced scallions, white parts are fine

1/4 c. orange juice, no pulp
1/2 c. mascarpone
1 1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/8 tsp. freshly cracked black pepper
about 1-2 T. olive oil (just make sure you have this much left in the bottle)

pre-heat oven to 450 and drizzle the bottom of a baking sheet with about 3 T. of olive oil. toss the potatoes in the oil and add salt and pepper for roasting (i used maybe about 1/2 tsp. of kosher salt and 1/8 tsp pepper?), then toss again. arrange in a single layer and roast 10 minutes, then move them around on the sheet and roast another 10.

while the taters roast, mix the ingredients for the dressing in a large serving bowl and whisk until smooth and there are no lumps of cheese left. once mixture is smooth, slowly drizzle in a Tbsp. or so of the reserved olive oil while whisking briskly. it will start to thicken up a bit, so stop when the dressing is your desired consistency. i don’t like it too thick so i was probably a bit shy of a tablespoon. once dressing is how you like it, set it aside.

after the potatoes finish their second 10 minute oven party, add the mushrooms to the sheet wherever they will fit. make sure they’re touching the oven sheet, and not all piled up on top of the potatoes. roast 10-15 minutes until they’ve shrunk a bit and are browned but not totally shriveled. once mushrooms are done, immediately remove from oven and add to bowl of dressing. toss thoroughly and garnish with scallions. prepare to be amazed.

if you make this, please tell me how you liked it. finecooking.com FTW again!

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28 June 2010 @ 02:55 pm

so i know all i have to talk about these days is food, but when you’re lucky enough to have your favorite person ever living with you, and this favorite person of yours LOVES good food, it’s pretty hard not to.

so favorite person is a big dessert man, and he HAS to have something sweet before bed. he can’t go to sleep unless he does. so for a while he was on an ice cream kick and happened upon this “maple blondie” flavor of ben & jerry’s. it’s maple ice cream with blond brownie chunks and maple caramel swirl. freakin yum, right? exactly. however, the bullshit was that it was a limited batch, and we only managed to enjoy it a couple of times before it was out of stores completely.

so my first ambitious project for the summer is to recreate this ice cream. i’m probably going to bake the brownies today and see if they’re even good (i’ve never liked blondies until i had them in this ice cream), then make some italian meatloaf for dinner, then make the actual ice cream custard early tomorrow because i always forget how long it takes to cool before you can put it in the maker.

yet again, i’m going to tell you how much i love the fine cooking magazine. when we were in the store yesterday they had the “best of chicken” issue out, and we found another 50 or so recipes that we just have to have. i don’t even know if i have enough days in my life to make all of this stuff, but i’m excited to try. poor D is having some serious dental work done today though, so it’s mushy stuff for dinner today, if he can even chew. cross your fingers for him. i’m probably going to be playing nurse to my little pain baby tonite ♥

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